About Us

Hi, and welcome to the world of isopods. We are a small family run business located in Sacramento, CA, that specializes in breeding and selling Isopods, or roly polys. If you don't know what Isopods are, they are nicknamed the clean-up crew, and are used to keep your reptiles enclosures clean so you don't have to. They can also be quite beautiful and many people tend to just collect them. We have been in the business for about five years and in that short time, we pride ourselves on having one of the largest inventories of Isopods in California. We not only sell online, so, if you would rather purchase your isopods in person, we attend many reptile expos throughout California, so chances are you can find us there.


We are dedicated to the fair treatment of reptiles and isopods. All of the isopods and reptiles we sell come from ethical sources and are never wild caught. We make sure to keep all of our isopods and reptiles in bioactive enclosures and prioritize the care of them. We reuse our packaging when we can and encourage our buyers to do the same.