Please contact us at theworldofisopods@gmail.com for any wholesale orders.
The order must be a minimum of $450 for wholesale.
There is a $50 extra charge for Express Shipping.
Minimum of 15 ct per Isopod
We offer wholesale for: 


Porcellio Oreo Crumbles/.40 each

 Porcellio Powder Blue/.35 each 

Porcellio Powder orange/.35 each 

Porcellio Orange cream/.55 each 

Porcellio Flavo/4 each 

Porcellio Silverstris/2 each 

Porcellio Valencia/1 each 

Porcellio Werneri/5 each 

Laevis Dairy cow/.40 each  

Laevis Orange/.40 each 

Laevis Milk back/.35 each 

Dialitus Giant canyon/.30each

Armadalidium Clowns/1.75 each 

 Zebras/ 1.10 each

Armadalidium Gestrois/2 each 

Armadalidium Japanese Magic Potions/1.50 each 

Armadalidium Gem Mix/1 each

Armadalidium Orange Vigor/1 each

Armadalidium Sunset/ 2 each

Cubaris Panda Kings/1 each

Cubaris Cappachino/5 each

Cubaris Papaya/.75 each 

Cubaris Red Panda/7 each

Cubaris Red Phase Red Edge/7 each

Cubaris Silver Ghosts/2 each

Cubaris Blue Pigeons/3 each

Cubaris Soils/ 2 each 

Cubaris Red Tiger/3 each

Cubaris Shiro Utsuri/3 each

Cubaris Tangerine/2 each

Scaber Lavas/ 1.50 each

Scaber Orange/.60 each

Scaber Lotto/.50 each

Scaber Dalmatian/1 each

Scaber Koi/1 each

Scaber Lemonade/ 1 each

Scaber Orange Dalmatian/1 each

Orantus High Yellows/4 each

Orantus Witches Brew/5 each

Armadillo Spain giant/ 1 each

Armadillo Red Spain giant/ 1.50 each

Spain Spikey “Pineapples”/ 7 each

Orange Springtails/$25 a culture 

Master Springtail Culture/$17 a culture 


We are dedicated to the fair treatment of reptiles and isopods. All of the isopods and reptiles we sell come from ethical sources and are never wild caught. We make sure to keep all of our isopods and reptiles in bioactive enclosures and prioritize the care of them. We reuse our packaging when we can and encourage our buyers to do the same.