Upcoming Expos

Sacramento Reptile Expo April 27th-28th

Costa Mesa Repticon June 1st-2nd

San Jose Reptile Realm June 22nd-23rd

Pomona Reptile Super Show June 29th-30th

Vallejo Reptile show July 20th-21st

Anaheim Reptile Super Show July 27th-28th

San Mateo Reptile Realms August 24th and 25th

Sacramento Reptile Show September 28th-29th

Chico October 8th

Lodi Reptile Show November 9th-10th


We are dedicated to the fair treatment of reptiles and isopods. All of the isopods and reptiles we sell come from ethical sources and are never wild caught. We make sure to keep all of our isopods and reptiles in bioactive enclosures and prioritize the care of them. We reuse our packaging when we can and encourage our buyers to do the same.