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The World of Isopods

American Magic Potions

American Magic Potions

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American Magic Potions are a medium size isopod species and are fairly easy to take care of and are great starter isopods. They are great for bioactive setups and to have as pets.


They require a medium humidity environment and should be watered and fed once a week. They eat yams or any root vegetables and fish food.


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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful isopods, excellent customer service

My isopods arrived in great condition, they are so beautiful! They came with sphagnum moss that was moist, shipping was fast, and they seemed happy. They also sent 10 Lava scabers, which was unexpected and really kind. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for isopods!

Sam Lazar
Great service, beautiful animals

The isopods arrived in great condition in a container with air holes packed with sphagnum moss substrate to maintain moisture and provide hiding spots. Shipping took longer than expected, but the seller reached out and explained that they were getting a fruit fly culture started for me. The fruit flies also look great, but it will be a while before I can start harvesting them. Once the package was shipped, it arrived in two business days, so the actual travel time was short enough to guarantee live arrival. 10/10 would recommend this shop for anyone looking to get beautiful isopods from a reliable, sustainable source.